Charity token where a bit goes a long way

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What is GiveAlilbit Coin?

With the onset of the crypto revolution , we have embarked to be on the forefront of digital fundraising , while tapping into a new market of philanthropists that have gained wealth through cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has over 300M users worldwide, is valued at over $2 trillion, and generates 10 times more than the average cash donation to nonprofits.  Our journey includes leading, inspiring, fighting social injustices and giving back globally . There are additional tax benefits to donating crypto through the purchase of our token directly to charities to minimize capital gains taxes in the US. We aim to build an army of
philanthropic bots to help overcome social and environmental issues. We aim to create synergistic partnerships so that businesses and individuals using blockchain transactions have transparency where their donations are made. If we all do a lil bit it will create lasting impacts globally.

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Protecting Investors' Interests

We also will feature NFT artists and create additional revenue and donation streams through charitable auctions and sales in our marketplace. We can all connect the pieces of the puzzle to
create a better world.

Are you ready to purchase your coins and be a part of our community.?
We are the first female founded charity deflationary token that has the largest percentage of donation to charity.

We Bring together Marketplaces & Finance

We want to connect philanthropists through our GiveAlilbit ecosystem and community so there
is not only a blockchain but spiritual connection with each donation. Our marketplace will have
GLB merchandise including our dancing bots and puzzle pieces to embrace being part of a
charitable community .

The Benefits of GiveAlilbit tokens holders


GLB is a BEP-20 token on bscan and has 369,000,000 million tokens in supply . This number was chosen due to its spiritual and universal significance as eloquently stated by Nikola Tesla
who said .. “We believe we should all have a key to the universe and access to food, shelter , health and freedom. ” Therefore, we have created this token to be utilized by individuals and charities alike. There are benefits from both sides for tax benefits. The individual will get a larger deduction for capital gains donating crypto directly versus receiving a cash donation. Charities will also benefit from receiving larger donations and in the forms of cryptocurrency which is considered property. So, the value is determined at time of donation . Digital fundraising has increased exponentially in 2020 by 20% .
3.2Billion was  raised online in 2020. Online giving increased by 34% in 2020. 45% of crypto users donate atleast $1000 to charity each year. $12,600 is the average crypto donation made during Giving Tuesday in 2021. There is 12x the amount of crypto donations compared to 2021.

How it all started

ROADMAP- Q1- Q2--MARCH/ APRIL 2021 2021
Collaboration of founders to unite nonprofits and cryptocurrency donations with charity token
May 2021
Establishing blockchain industry relationships prior to Bitcoin Miami 21, 1000 dancing social bots created and given to industry sponsors
Q3-JUNE 2021 2021
Hosted Bit for Back Packs event listed on Bitcoin 2021 Conference website satellite events, donating backpacks to the homeless in Miami, creating advisory board , vetting charitable organizations and acquiring digital assets NFTS for charitable auctions including first MLS LA GALAXY NFT, advisory board secured
JULY 2021 2021
Website development, ICO /presale 7/15 at Delray Beach Cryptoconference , guest speakers to educate about tax benefits of crypto donation and digital fundraising, partnership with bitcoin ATMs, white paper released
AUG 2021 2021
Conclude presale retail bankers conference CBA LIVE 2021 with CEO Binance , GLB podcast launch , social media partnerships with content creators for token launch
Q4 --SEPT 2021 2021
Token launch 9/9 and listing on various exchanges including coinmarketcap and coingecko , forums, blogs, influencer partnerships
OCT 2021 2021
Token holders / fundraising event in Orlando in collaboration with dogedisco.
Nov-/Dec 2021 2021
Giving Tuesday campaign / holiday donor program launched , merchandise /NFT Q1- 2022-- worldwide recognition as charitable token used
Jan 2022
Building digital assets of NFT domains, limited edition NFT for charity auction
March 2022
Networking /relationship building Delray Beach Crypto Conference
April 2022
Attended Bitcoin Miami 2002, strategic partnerships with various token projects , NFT

Distribution of Tokens

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform.

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns. 

  • 25% Distributed to Charity

  • 25% ICO

  • 5% to Holders

  • 5% Burn

  • 5% Tech

  • 20% Founders

  • 15% Liquidity


1. Download Metamask or Trustwallet and create a wallet
2. Deposit BNB into your wallet
3. Go to Pancakeswap and put in amount of BNB to convert to GLB .
4. Select Currency and enter the GLB Contract address  0x7Ce001c4C57Fea0e43BC2B15f5a925bfA0b4dB7 into the search field .
5. Click the Gogwheel and set the slippage to 10-14%.
6. Set the amount you want to purchase and press the exchange swap button
7. Confirm the transaction.